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A new terrace in this split level canal side garden has lush tropical planting to reflect the existing Trachycarpus fortunei.  A bespoke Western Red Cedar archway and pergola help to create zones.  Immediately outside the back door is a small tiled terrace perfect for a bistro table and chairs and new steps leading up to the main terrace.  The second flight of stairs down through the arch is to a deck area with a new hammock, dappled shade dining and a children's play area under the willow tree.


Courtyard garden

A small rear garden has been transformed into a smart courtyard for relaxing and entertaining.  In a garden this size every inch counts so the detailing is clean and sleek and the plants carefully chosen to look good all year round. To maximise the space a raised planter with a built in seat is perfect for gin and tonics and the evening sky and leaves plenty of room for a table.  The rear sculpture provides a focal point and slatted fencing for privacy and simplicity.  The mixed planting has seasonal interest and grasses to soften the hard landscaping.


Game set match

This rear garden overlooks a college tennis court and cricket pitch.  The clients wanted to keep the view as well as disguise the tennis court boundary.  A Cornus Mas will grow to fill the left hand corner of the garden to give early interest colour. They also wanted their extension doors to open straight onto a terrace so we built a raised terrace for easy access and and a garden level terrace at the end of the garden with a lawn and traditional English country garden borders for year round interest.


On the diagonal

In this newly planted family garden the space needed dividing into separate areas for both children and adults to use. It includes a lawn for playing on, an entertaining terrace with a pergola and a screened area for the trampoline and garden office at the rear . The slatted panels break up the long run of the existing fence which is north facing and the areas in between are for climbers. The style was to be relaxed and low maintenance with plenty of seasonal colour. 



This Summertown garden needed a refresh towards the rear. It is North facing so a new patio was designed to catch the daytime and evening sun.  To the rear behind the trellis is a raised bed vegetable patch and work area with a hotbin for composting. A low raised wall around the patio retains the soil and is planted for all season interest. Roses and honeysuckle are planted to climb the arches. The bold arches are to give the upright garden structure and to counterbalance the large pine tree in the garden beyond.

pond life

Butterfly and bee friendly with two ponds this garden is designed to be low maintenance with minimal intervention. Designing with a lighter touch to enhance the natural resources can be all that is needed in a garden. Self seeders such as Verbena bonariensis are encouraged and a wild lawn is beyond the rose arch with raised vegetable beds for the owners to grow their own. The gardens now teems with aquatic life and buzzes with insects as well as being a haven for humans too.

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