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The design process

HOW WE WORK After seeing a new garden the next step is a site survey and initial meetings to discuss the needs of the client and their hopes for their garden redesign. With a detailed survey and analysis of the site a Concept Plan can be drawn up. This illustrates the main elements and a proposed layout.  Once the Concept has been agreed an accurate Master Plan is drawn with mood boards, perspective and rendered views.  When the Master Plans is in place we develop a package to include details of the hard landscaping, the specifications for contractors and all elements of the design including setting out plans and materials. At this point the Planting Plan is prepared and we have specialist nurseries to meet the requirements for different sites. The garden plans then go out to tender to several professional landscape contractors so that the client can be assured of competitive costings. We are always on site at the start of the build and at all significant points during the process to ensure that the build runs smoothly and the design is realised as intended. Once the contractors have finished and the beds are all ready then myself and my team come in to plant. Often we have an ongoing relationship with clients either keeping an eye on regular maintenance or annual visits to see how the garden is maturing.


lawn going down during build



STAGES Three stages are shown in these pictures; the first year of the garden is the main photo below, left is the layout before planting and then finally the garden before works began.  In the initial planning it was decided to keep the shed and the two established trees. These reference points were a starting point for the style of the garden and its curving path around the main tree. The English country garden style of garden suits the period of the house and the clients wishes for summer colour and abundance.

garden before

WHY DESIGN? In recent years our outdoor space has become much more important and a part of our every day living. Our designs seek to join the house and garden seamlessly whether it is a space to entertain, seek refuge in nature or for family fun. With extensive horticultural knowledge we are passionate about plants for wellbeing, relaxation and nature.  Listening to the clients needs is paramount to create beautiful, functional spaces that incorporate all the practicalities sheds, patios, trampolines and work spaces as well as practical and inspiring planting that suits both the client the locality and the house.



Working with Laura has been a pleasure as she has been able to help and advise us throughout the entire process of creating our new garden. She has a great ability to understand what you are trying to achieve and help you turn that idea into a reality. Laura used her encyclopaedic knowledge of garden plants and her artistic talent as designer, to create a garden that skilfully combines colour, texture and structure to great effect. We are very pleased with the end result

We look forward to working with Laura and her team as our garden develops over the coming years and new ideas present themselves. Matt Richardson

Sweeping path
Presentation plan

WHAT WE OFFER This is a presentation plan for a new build bungalow garden in Burford. A journey around the garden starts on the main terrace, and includes two other pause points; a coffee and morning sun arbour and a sundown gin and tonic seating area. The carefully chosen mediterranean planting pallet gives all year interest and is low maintenance.  There are focal points inside and out with an Urban Lily Water Bowl and a sculpture on a plinth. The garden is tailored for a couple in their eighties that will provide year round interest, scent and easy access.  Planning a garden it is crucial to listen to the clients needs to create a garden that is meaningful to their lifestyle and in this case to provide a haven for them to relax and enjoy their retirement.


After the site analysis our process starts with hand drawing to develop the sketch plan. These drawings and the survey are then transferred into Sketch Up, a 3D modelling program where we can create rendered views, section drawings and walk throughs. Mood boards for planting themes, colours and material selection work alongside the visuals to develop the garden design for the master plan stage.  We then use Vectorworks for the master plan, layout, technical drawings and planting plans.

Garden section illustration
Rendered visual
Mood board spring bulbs

We provide comprehensive drawing specifications using CAD for contractors to carry out the build.  The details include how all of the hard landscaping will be built from terraces to water features and pergolas. 

Garden Maintenance

Myself and a dedicated team of horticulturalists, landscapers and nurseries provide comprehensive post design care. Maintenance is an important part of our design practice business to ensure that our gardens mature and evolve. We also offer after care manuals for those that wish to take on their own gardener or their own maintenance.

Garden styling

Sometimes a terrace or a planting bed needs a makeover for a big event and myself and my team can help with garden consultancy from plants to furniture to particular styles.

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